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I love teaching and truly believe that deep down inside everyone is an artist, capable of creating something. There is power and knowledge in the act of creating something with your own hands, made from your own heart and head.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Curated Collection

(The photo above shows what is in one grab bag. I couldn't fit everything in one photo.)

I'm cleaning out my studio (a.k.a. my living room) and you can benefit! No two grab bags are exactly alike. Each one is completely different and full of my favorite collage materials and/or art supplies! NO junk. NO garbage. Catch them while you can as they are extremely limited and once they are gone...

Everything is from my personal curated collection that I have been accumulating in my travels over the years.

I will stuff a flat rate priority mail envelope with:

-Art Supplies: at least one rubber stamp, one pen/marker, two rolls of washi or paper tape, one stencil all from my personal stash. Some supplies may be gently used. Some of the supplies are also retired and difficult to obtain.

-Collage Sheets: made by me (my personal collage sheets that I offer in my classes as well as use in my own work) 

-Collage Ephemera: background papers like magazine pages, catalog pages, vellum, transparencies, old photographs, vintage paper, handmade paper, decorative paper, focal images and much, much, MUCH more. 

Again, only things that I use and like in my pages.

If you like what I use on my journal pages, you will LOVE these bags.

I will take orders on a first come, first serve basis until I run out. These are extremely limited and I usually sell out very quickly.
 Please note, that once these are gone, I do not know when I will be making them again. I have really downsized on my art supplies (for various reasons) and these are very limited. This is truly the creme de la creme of my stash.

I will ship your grab bag in a well taped, flat rate, USPS priority envelope. I will ship them out on or before 10/25. 

I can also ship them as gifts if you'd like. 

Order here (includes $7 flat rate USPS shipping per envelope):


If you like this, you may want to read, Being Mindful: Curating Your Images.

Here's a video of what is in one of the grab bags:

2 December 2016 Journal Page

A quick reminder that I'll have a limited selection of curated art supply/collage grab bags on the blog at 6 p.m. PDT tonight. (Hit refresh and a new post will be up.) As always, thanks for your interest and support.  

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

30th of November 2016 Journal Pages

I'll be posting my collage/art supply grab bags here on the blog tomorrow. I've completely cleaned out my treasures and they're all neatly packed into priority mailers. They'll be available on the blog tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 6 pm PDT. Thank you for helping me find new homes for my art supplies. After these are in the mail, I can start to rearrange my living room/studio area into what I want (and need) it to be. So excited (and thankful.)

Monday, October 16, 2017

My Weekend...My Sanity

I've spent the last few days cleaning out and curating my collage ephemera. This is the last of my stash for quite some time as I have nothing left but a small selection (posted about here.) I have touched every piece of collage ephemera that I own and everything that is sitting in envelopes by my side to be posted is the creme de la creme. I am hoping to be able to post grab bags this Wednesday. I will keep you posted.

Above is some of my special stash. David has some tests coming up this week and in order to keep me (somewhat) sane, I've made a bag of collage ephemera for me and I have my journal and glue stick ready:

No automatic alt text available.


If you haven't ordered my printed collage sheet pack and you're interested in doing so, I'm going to be bringing the sheets into the shop to be printed on Wednesday morning. So, you have until this Wednesday at 9 a.m. PDT to order. This is the only time that I will be selling these sheets as a set at this price and I may not have many (if even any) extras. I will have a pdf file (print on your own) available soon and am also taking orders for that at the same link. 

Another bit of housekeeping is that I'm teaching in San Diego this Saturday. It's a workshop that I call, "In the Studio: Developing an Art Practice." It sounds like it might be a beginner's class but, like all of my classes, everyone is welcome. In a nutshell, it's a very special creativity class guaranteed to get the juices flowing.  

Last but not least, I'll be headed to New Mexico in a couple of weeks. I'll be in Santa Fe on November 1st and then teaching a very special weekend long class in Taos November 3rd through the 5th. New Mexico is one of my favorite places on the planet and I am eager to return. I'm also all ears for any recommendations. My Mom and I will be driving via Route 40 most of the way. Thanks.

"To create one's world in any of the arts takes courage." -Georgia O'Keeffe

Saturday, October 14, 2017

My Saturday

Spending my day knee deep (okay, maybe, ankle deep) in paper. Starting to assemble  my grab bags as I clean house. So many treasures... 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Just Announced! November 17th and 18th at Create Space Studio in Phoenix, AZ

I am very excited to announce that I will be teaching at Create Space Studio in the Ahwatukee area of Phoenix, AZ on November 17th and 18th. Cheryl has graciously opened up the doors of her studio space for these very special workshops.

Please note that I will be handling registration and if you have any questions, please drop me an email at EGorey99@sbcglobal.net

Please note that the studio is not ADA accessible and that there are stairs. I will help students carry anything that they need carried up and down the stairs. Also, please note that there is plenty of street parking.

The schedule is as follows:

Friday, November 17th:
10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Odyssey Journal
2:30 to 5:30 p.m. Juicy Journal Pages

Saturday, November 18th:
10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Untold Stories
2:30-5:30 p.m. Tell Your Story: Visual Journal Pages as Narrative

These fresh, new workshops teach a variety of NEW ideas involving collage, creative processing, self expression, composition, design, layering, painting and much, much more.

My workshops are always process-based learning while creating something completely unique to you.

Please note there is a small supply list.

Beginners to advanced are welcome in ALL of the classes.

Questions? Email Kelly for more info! EGorey99@sbcglobal.net

The class fee includes a vast array of mediums and materials to complete the necessary project. It is well known that I do not travel light to any of my workshops. I will be bringing such things are:

  • all materials necessary to complete the project (handmade paper, decorative paper, board, glue, etc...)
  • bookbinding supplies (thread, awl, needles)
  • rubber stamps
  • ink pads
  • decorative tape
  • stencils
  • pens and markers
  • gel medium
  • collage ephemera and much, much more.
I do not travel light to my workshops at all!

If you have any difficulty with the paypal buttons, please drop me an email at EGorey99@sbcglobal.net

Kelly's Phoenix Workshops

Friday, November 17th

The Odyssey Journal
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Who said that you could only make a book using expensive supplies? This is the ultimate class in recycling and creativity! We'll turn trash into a new journal with fun fold out pages.

After we've assembled our book, we'll journey through a plethora of new techniques in painting, collage and art journaling. Think you've seen it all? Eager to get messy and learn something new?

Let's spend some time on our own unique voyage through the world of paint, paper and creative exploration.

Supply list: catalogs with thick pages and anything with thick/heavy paper that you would want to use as a journal (think old mailers, college brochures, nice catalogs and more. I will have some for you to use. Some folks like to bring their own stash to use up.), an apron, scissors, a small selection of favorite collage ephemera (think about reading this when choosing your images and papers), bone folder, cork back metal ruler, a full roll of paper towels OR old rags, a container for your paint water,  1 to 2" brush to glue and paint (I like chip or bristle brushes) as well as a few, smaller, detailed brushes, a few of your favorite glue sticks (large glue sticks will last you longer), roll of waxed paper OR an old catalog or magazine to glue on (if you don't want to use all of your waxed paper for this.)


followed by:

Juicy Journal Pages

In this special workshop, work quick and fast, without judgment, the idea being to keep your inner critic silent. You will create a series of pages that are unique to you while learning a variety of new layering techniques involving collage, acrylics, markers, stencils, stamps and more.

After some time spent creating this way, we will step back and think about our pages. Learn to look and process your pages with new eyes. We'll then rework our pages into all new original journal pages.

Supply list: a journal or paper to work on, an apron, scissors, a selection of favorite collage ephemera (think about reading this when choosing your images), cork back metal ruler, roll of paper towels,  1" brush to glue and paint (I like chip or bristle brushes) as well as a few of your favorite smaller, detail brushes, container for your paint water, a few of your favorite glue sticks (large glue sticks will last you longer), roll of waxed paper OR an old catalog or magazine to paint and glue on (if you don't want to use all of your waxed paper for this.)

SaturdayNovember 18th
Untold Stories
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
This journal is the ultimate in play. I'm always looking for new ways to revitalize favorite techniques. Think lush layers of paint, paper, tape, stencils, pen work and more all bound into little bundles of creativity.

We'll start the class by creating rich layers of painted pages. We've only just begun as we step back, revisit our pages and start to think about how we can assemble them into books. Before the tearing and the binding begin, we'll go through and collage our pages (yes, I will show you how to collage them so that when you fold and assemble them you will have pages ready for you to work on.)

After we've finished assembling the journals, you'll step back again and learn techniques for on the go or art journaling with minimal supplies.

Supply list: an apron, scissors, a small selection of favorite collage ephemera (think about reading this when choosing your images and papers), bone folder, cork back metal ruler, a full roll of paper towels OR old rags, a container for your paint water,  1 to 2" brush to glue and paint (I like chip or bristle brushes) as well as a few, smaller, detailed brushes, a few of your favorite glue sticks (large glue sticks will last you longer), roll of waxed paper OR an old catalog or magazine to glue on (if you don't want to use all of your waxed paper for this.)

followed by:

Tell Your Story: Visual Journal Pages as Narrative

Where do we start when we put pen to paper? How do we translate what is in our heads to our visual art journal pages? How do we combine the visual with the written word?

Learn to combine paper, paint and pen to create visually expressive and unique journal pages. In this class, you will learn a plethora of layering techniques using not only your pens and markers but also paint, paper and more. Think that you know there is to putting your heart onto paper? Think again. I first developed this class to challenge myself and now I'm challenging you. Bring your journal and the supplies listed below (I will have plenty of art supplies to share as I don't travel light) and be prepared to spill out onto the page.

Supply list: a journal, an apron, scissors, a small selection of favorite collage ephemera (think about reading this when choosing your images and papers), bone folder, cork back metal ruler, a full roll of paper towels OR old rags, a container for your paint water,   1" brush to glue and paint (I like chip or bristle brushes) as well as a few, smaller, detailed brushes, a few of your favorite glue sticks (large glue sticks will last you longer), roll of waxed paper OR an old catalog or magazine to glue on (if you don't want to use all of your waxed paper for this.)

I hope to see you there!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

25 November 2016 Journal Pages

After sorting through my collage material, I'm down to two Eagle Creek Pack-it Cube bags. I could go down to just one but since I like to sort my materials by things that I want to use now and things that I want to stash away for later, this is how it will stay for now. I also don't like the collage material to be too overwhelming. Some folks have asked and the only other way that I sort my collage ephemera is by whether I would use it as a focal image or a background. I can't sort by color or theme or whatever as I found out a long time ago that it doesn't work for me. 

All of the above doesn't include the heavy bag of collage ephemera that resides for my classes and lives in the trunk of my car. I like to keep that just for use in classes and rarely do I ever sort through it except to clean it out. 

How do you store your collage materials? What works best for you?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

24 November 2016 Journal Pages

I spent most of today still in destash/clean mode. I'm trying to do something every day along with everything else that's on the To Do List. My friend, Maria gave me some Elfa units so I'm trying to figure out where those should go and what needs to go out or be moved in order to make room for them.

I'm going to be making up some collage/art supply grab bags. I'll post when those are ready (or closer to being ready.) I'm in gathering mode right now.

On the workshop schedule, I have one class left in October (in San Diego.) Next month, I'm trekking to Santa Fe as well as Taos (for the first time! I'm also teaching one class all weekend long. Talk about heavenly!)

Blog Love
While doing some research earlier today on Taos, I found out that actor Dean Stockwell is also a collage artist. A google search will bring up a few of his pieces. There's a great article about him here. He's always been a favorite of mine.

Back to sorting collage material. After I'm done, I may be down to just one bag. We'll see...

Monday, October 09, 2017

Where Artists Gather...

We said goodbye to Maria's wonderful studio in Niles today. She'll be closing the doors in less than a week. It's been a space of creativity, friendship, laughter and good times over the years. 

I've often said that it's not just the space that makes the workshops magical but the people and what each one brings to the table. That's how I feel about teaching in studios, homes, stores, schools and more. Each place offers a chance to connect as well as reconnect.

I started teaching for Maria and our Northern California group at her home. It was a wonderful space filled with people that at first I adored and now consider friends, people that I absolutely love, appreciate and enjoy being with, something that often happens with art classes.

I just wanted to say a very big thank you:
-First to Maria who has made it all possible over the years by opening up her home, studio and heart to so many of us over the years. 
-Thank you to each and every one of you who took a workshop there over the many years that I taught in Niles and Fremont. I love seeing familiar faces as well as meeting new ones. 
-Thank you to David (the soap maker) who needed a studio space of his own and reached out to share a space with Maria.
-Thank you to Han, Rena and the other Niles locals who helped to spread word about the workshops.
-Thank you to Maria's family for all of the help and patience over the years.

It's hard to put the amount of love and gratitude that I have in words. 

I hope to see you at Maria's home in early December for a very special weekend.... 

Love and thanks again,

Friday, October 06, 2017

Prepping for Taos and Santa Fe: What I'm Reading

I'm writing this from Niles, California where I'm teaching this weekend. Starting to research and prep for my New Mexico classes in a couple of weeks. This is my first time teaching in Taos and I'm really excited about it. I've been looking for recommendations about the area especially anything art and scenery related. Really looking forward to returning to Santa Fe, too! 

Here are the books that I brought for inspiration this weekend...

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Now Taking Pre-orders: Collage Sheet Packet (25 sheets!)

For the past few years, I've been gifting anyone who takes my in person classes with collage sheets. I make them for my own use as well as for my students. People have repeatedly asked me to make these available to everyone and I've finally found some time to do it.

If you've ordered my self published books or cards before, you know the high quality of these sheets. I love my local printshop! 

I'm offering 21 high quality 8 1/2 x 11" full color collage sheets. They're not bound. They're single sided sheets on high quality text weight paper ready for you to cut out and use. They'll be assembled and shipped in a clear plastic archival bag (just as I store them at home.)


If you order on or before October 15th, I will include the additional four sheets above (there are two sheets in each of the above two photos) at a special pre-order price. I usually sell my collage sheets online (and in person) for $5 each. 

I'm offering these at a very special pre-order price: 


Plus U.S. Shipping:
$4 postage and handling. 

After October 15th, the price will be $35 plus $5 postage and handling. 

Please note that these are US prices only. For those of you outside of the US who are interested, please drop me an email and I will find out the price of postage for your country. 

That's 25 full color, high quality, 8 1/2 x 11" sheets of OVER 125 images for those of you who pre-order. You'll also receive a link to a PDF file of these sheets so you can download them and have them forever. Please note that the link will be sent out on or before October 30th.

I will be shipping these on or before October 30th via USPS first class mail.



Also available:

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY (The link to a PDF file of the sheets will be available on or before October 30th) You will receive all 25 sheets as a PDF for $20.

If you have any questions or problems, please email me at EGorey99@sbcglobal.net

Thank you for your interest and support.